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Abaco National Park: Birding

Birdwatching Area
West Indian Woodpecker – Bahamas National Trust

The Abaco National Park is the major habitat of the Abaco or Bahama Parrot, and laws have been enacted to protect the habitat of the parrot and conserve it in perpetuity.

Access Considerations and Directions

It might not be suitable for persons who are physically challenged. The terrain is rough and one must travel in an all-terrain or 4-wheel drive vehicle.

Best Times and Seasons for Viewing

You will see the Abaco Parrot year round, but the best time of day is in the mornings or late evenings when temperatures are cool. During the day, parrots travel south to the Abaco National Park where they forage food in the coppice woods. The mating season in April is usually a very quiet time and it is difficult to spot them because they are also nesting.

Primary Species Commonly Experienced Here

Abaco is known for great birding and it is possible to see a large number of Bahamian specialties here. A visiting birder with a good guide can see these species and many more: Abaco Parrots, Bahama Mockingbirds, Cuban Emerald Hummingbirds, Bahama Swallows, Bahama Yellow Throats, Bananaquits, Loggerhead Kingbirds, Olive-capped Warblers, Red-Legged Thrush, Vireos, and West Indian Woodpeckers.

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