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One of the ways you become intimate with the islands of Acklins is by its smell. Sweetly aromatic trails emanate from fragrant plants, particularly cascarilla and night-blooming jasmine. Navigate the rugged terrain through cleared tracks and you will uncover orchids, cacti, and a wide variety of indigenous plants. The island has a quiet nature, given its sparse population and light development. Marine species are able to thrive, particularly bonefish, in the large shallow flats along the coastline.

A bonefish underwater in the fishing flats. – Fedel Johnson

Quick Facts

Area: 156 sq. miles (including the Plana Cays)
Population: 565 persons
Highest Point: 142 feet
Location: 223 miles southeast of New Providence and less than 1½ miles from Crooked Island
Original Name: Acklins is said to have been called "Yahaka" during the time of the Lucayans. The island shares its name with the Bight of Acklins, a large shallow lagoon that is rimmed by Castle Island, Acklins, Crooked Island, and Long Cay; the group of islands are arranged in an atoll that almost encircles it.

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