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The true outback of the Bahamas is Andros Island, the largest and most uninhabited island in the archipelago and the fifth-largest island in the Caribbean. Population density is one person per square kilometre (3 people per square mile), in comparison to the nation’s capital of Nassau (on New Providence Island), with 1,200 people per square kilometre (3,100 people per square mile). For nature lovers, Andros is the perfect predicament for biodiversity to be sustained. The island is sliced up by a network of creeks, wetlands and shallow flats. The West Side National Park overflows with bonefish and creates shelter for a thriving pink flamingo population. Coppice and pine forests in central Andros shelter migratory birds, along with hundreds of inland blue holes. These habitats are also wrapped in island folklore. Offshore on the eastern coastline is the third largest fringing barrier reef in the world, a diving magnet.

Capt. Bill's Blue Hole - Fresh Creek, North Andros – Andros Conservancy and Trust (ANCAT)

Quick Facts

Area: 2,300 sq. miles
Population: 7,490 persons
Highest Point: 102 feet
Location: 25 miles west of New Providence
Original Name: "La Isla del Espiritu Santo" (The Island of the Holy Spirit) was given by the first Spanish visitors.

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