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Bahamas Caves Research Foundation

Massive Columns in Fangorn Forest, Dan's Cave, Abaco – Brian Kakuk, Bahamas Caves Research Foundation

The Bahamas Caves Research Foundation (BCRF) is dedicated to scientific investigations, exploration and conservation of blue holes, underwater caves and dry caves found throughout the Bahamian archipelago.

The BCRF is comprised of scientists, explorers and conservationists working with the common goals of:

  • Educating the Bahamian and international public on the uniqueness of The Bahamas underground and the treasures of both past and present eco-systems found beneath these warm, sun-drenched islands.

  • Working with appropriate Ministries within the Government of The Bahamas in making viable science and tourism-based decisions that will help to conserve these important, unique and vital resources for future generations of Bahamians.


The BCRF has been conducting exploration and research in The Bahamas since 1990 and the collective efforts of our members has provided the Bahamian Government and the scientific community with more related research data than any other organization.

How to Support

Visit our website and check out our latest conservation efforts here in The Bahamas and to find out more about the amazing cave sites and how you can help protect them for future generations.

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