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Betsy Bay

Village or Town
Big Bay Beach in Betsy Bay, Mayaguana

Betsy Bay is located on the west coast of Mayaguana, three miles northeast of Pirates Well. It is the smallest of the island's three settlements, with only 16 households, one main road ending at the graveyard, and a beautiful inlet with miles of beach. There is a small cottage industry, with several ladies producing/selling shell and straw craft from their homes.

This secluded little town can be described as lost in time, with the only intrusion the rustling of wild corn plants, saucy hummingbirds, stereophonic birdcalls, and locals riding their bicycles to the "petty shop" or church.


The island was once a favored base for pirates in the wrecking trade and was not settled until 1812, when people began to migrate from the nearby Turks and Caicos Islands.

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