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The Bimini Islands are lands of intrigue and have been since before the 1500s when famed explorer Ponce de León sailed in search of the fountain of youth. Water connects all of the islands’ mythical attractions, including the famous fountain in the south and the Bimini Road (an underwater entrance to the Lost City of Atlantis according to legend). Schools of big game fish around Bimini attract a steady flow of anglers from North America. Bimini’s close proximity to Florida has always created good favour for the islands, especially during Prohibition, when they were used as a supply point for rum running.

Bimini Big Game Club Resort & Marina - Alice Town, North Bimini – Bimini Big Game Club Resort & Marina

Quick Facts

Area: 9 sq. miles
Population: 1,988 persons
Highest Point: 20 feet
Location: 117 miles northwest of New Providence and 50 miles from Florida
Origin of the Name: Bimini is believed to have meant "two islands" in the language of the original inhabitants, the Lucayans.

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