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Bonafide Bonefishing

Fly Fishing
Now that's a big one!!

For bonefishing at its best, join Docky Smith, who has been referred to in many professional fishing magazines as one of the best Bonefish Guides in The Bahamas. He offers on-the-water instructions as well as organized pre-trip, evening fly-fishing lessons on demand. Whether you are a beginner or a fishing expert, he can accommodate your needs.

He is dedicated to providing the best possible fishing experience, and also committed to ensuring total client satisfaction. He is a skilled angler, knowledgeable about the flats, the tides, and has a deep understanding of the pursued prey and its behavior … ensuring a very high level of success. He shares his own fishing preferences with his many clients, maintains a respectful relationship, and always does his best to let his fishing visitors share in his angler’s appreciation of the pristine beauty of Bahamian fishing grounds.

Accessibility Notes

The activities are not suitable for persons that are physically challenged.

Areas of Service and Expertise

Docky is very knowledgeable about Reef and Deep Sea Fishing, based on 10 years operating a bigger/open-ocean Game Fishing boat. However, his main passion is that for Bonefishing! He has been touted in many professional fishing magazines of American and international origins, as well as in “The Bahamas Fly-Fishing Guide,” as “one of the best Bonefish Guides in The Bahamas”!

Locally or Family-Owned Business Notes

This is a locally owned business by Mr. James 'Docky' Smith, resident of Long Island.

Pet Friendly Notes

This activity is not suitable for pets.

Types of Experiences and Trips Provided

  • Mangroves and Columbus Point Boat Tour: You can capture picture-perfect moments at the top of the Columbus Monument, viewing the ocean. When arriving at the "Cut" where Newton Cay and Long Island meet at a 150' opening, if the outside ocean is calm, continue to the north shore to view the caves, which might have been a burying point for pirates' treasure. Bird watchers can spot the Egrets and Herons that reside on the bay.

  • Sandy Cay Eco Trip: This cay was where the famous movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" was filmed, and is also home to iguanas. You can also spot various species of birds, such as Seagulls, Ospreys, and White Crown Pigeons. This is a 20-minute boat ride from Stella Maris.

  • The Flats: Bonafide Bonefishing offers a wide variety of superb flats fishing. Most of his bonefishing takes place in the lee-side bays of Adderley’s, Glinton’s, and Joe Sound, a three to ten minute boat ride from the Stella Maris Marina, respectively. Just a touch further north, within another five to fifteen minutes’ ride, there are the flats of Cape Santa Maria and of Columbus Harbour. These are bonefish paradises, and offer added beauty: Mangrove thickets, mazes of sub-bays and streams and inlets, even small beaches, which suggest taking an easy break from the strains of fishing.


Seasons Open and Departure

Year Round


  • Bonefishing: Full-day $550.00 / half-day $500.00 (includes boat and guide; maximum two anglers on the boat, along with the guide).

  • Deep Sea/ Reef Fishing: Half-day Pontoon Eco Boat Excursion through the Mangroves to Columbus Harbor $600.00 (approx. 6-8 persons).
    Fly Rods are available for rent at the Bonafide Fly Shop @ $30.00 per day / Spin Rods @ $10.00 per day.

  • Sandy Cay Eco Trip: Full-day Charter on 30' Contender to Exuma to see the iguanas - $1200.00.

  • Columbus Harbour Tour: $600.00 half-day charter.

What You Need:

Rods and Reels

  • 7/ 8/ 9 weight rods for bonefishing and permit
  • 10 weight rods for Barracuda Fishing and occasional Tarpon Fishing
  • Reels that will hold about 150-200 yards of backing and floating line

Bonefish Flies (sizes 2/ 4/ 6)

  • Assorted Gothas
  • Mantis Shrimp
  • Assorted Clousers
  • Tan Yarn Crabs
  • Assorted Crazy Charlies
  • Mini Mantis

Colors that work best: tans, browns, whites, pinks, and oranges

Personal Gear

  • Sunglasses with polarized lenses and UV protection
  • Long sleeved shirts and pants, suitable for the tropics
  • Lightweight rain jacket
  • Hat for protection from the sun
  • Wading booties
  • Sun gloves
  • Insect Repellent
  • Sunblock

Items can be purchased on Long Island, at the Bonafide Fly & Tackle Shop.

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