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Cape Eleuthera Institute

Bahamas Ministry of Tourism

Located on the southern tip of the island, known as Cape Eleuthera, this world-class research and educational organization offers several programs: bonefish and flats ecology, shark conservation, ocean aquaculture, patching reefs, and controlling the invasive lion fish. One of their primary goals is to enhance the conservation of water, light, and fuel, etc. Their methods provide a great learning experience for primary and secondary students on the island and abroad.

They also grow healthy foods and fruits, on a small scale, like tomatoes and lettuce, plus they raise a few livestock for the consumption of persons living on campus.

Visitors are welcome to tour their facilities to see the cutting edge technology. You can also enjoy activities like biking, diving, and snorkeling on site. Contact the institute for fees.


  • coral reef and mangrove ecology
  • marine, water, and shark conservation
  • flats and bonefish research
  • waste management, pollution control, and recycling of plastics, bottles and cans
  • natural energy, solar panels & wind turbine
  • food security & farming

How to Support

Schools are encouraged to visit, so that students can participate in a field of learning experiences to better understand the principles of marine conservation and environmentally friendly practices.

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