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Cat Island Regatta

Competition or Sporting Event

The Tribune

Local residents, second home owners, and regatta lovers from throughout The Bahamas reunite to celebrate, with sloop racing, live band entertainment, cultural activities, contests, games, native delicacies and drinks.

This event is held every year on the Emancipation Day holiday weekend. The venue is the Regatta Site in New Bight, Cat Island.

Accessibility Notes

Special care should be taken by persons with mobility impairments when moving around on the site.

Participation Requirements (if any)

All visitors to the site can participate in the regatta activities such as:

Water Balloon Toss: Guests are divided into teams of two; each team tosses a balloon to each other; when a balloon breaks, that team is out.

Hula Hoop Relay Race: Guests are divided into two teams; ensure that all team players have hula hoops, line up the teams so that each player is standing side by side; the first player in each team gets a hula hoop, everyone must link hands and attempt to get the hula hoop down the line without letting go of anyone's hands; if someone lets go, the team has to start over. The team that completes the race first wins.

The Great Coconut Race: Create a starting and ending point along the beach by either placing cones or drawing a line in the sand. Have racers line up behind a coconut. Participants can either kick the coconut or roll the coconut with their hands. The person who moves his coconut across the finish line first, wins.

Pet Friendly Notes

No pets are allowed on the Regatta site.


The nightly admission fees are $2.00 for children and $5.00 for adults.