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Cat Island


When it comes to Bahamian culture, Cat Island is an island of influence. Many iconic Bahamian storytellers, musicians, actors, and performers (from Sir Sidney Poitier to Tony Mackay), grew up amongst the rolling hills of the island and along its pink sands. Homegrown Rake ‘N’ Scrape music took form on the island with instruments made from everyday objects like screwdrivers and raking handsaws. Tony Mackay, an artist with many names including the “Obeah Man,” exported the music across the world. His name and music hints at the mysticism of the island dating back to the culture of its enslaved ancestors.

The Hermitage on Mt. Alvernia - New Bight, Cat Island – Bahamas Ministry of Tourism

Quick Facts

Area: 150 sq. miles
Population: 1,522 persons
Highest Point: 206 feet (highest in the country)
Location: 98 miles southeast of New Providence
Original Name: Cat Island was initially known as “San Salvador” meaning "Christ the Savior," before it received its present name in 1926, said to be for the pirate Arthur Catt, who used to make frequent stops here.

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