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Current Cut

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The Current Cut –

The Current Cut is a narrow channel with a very fast and strong current that runs between Current Island and the Current settlement at the northern tip of Eleuthera. This vivacious current is stronger than any diver, and is not suited for casual divers. Before attempting this dive, you should contact a local dive instructor. It is best to wear a wet suit for protection, to avoid cuts from coral, while relaxing and riding the current.

Best Access to Dive Spot

Ask to be dropped off at Shark Alley.

Best Times to Dive

When the tide is going in rather than out, because there is less sediment being flooded through the passageway.

Dive Depth

Approximately 35 to 61 feet

Dive Features

Divers usually make two or three passes lasting from ten to twelve minutes each. It is a diver's paradise because of the rapid speed of the tide that moves up to 10 knots.

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