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Deep Creek

Community, Village or Town

Deep Creek gets its name from a deep creek that faces the settlement. The creek, which is quite shallow, empties out at low tide and fills back up at high tide, bringing the bonefish in with it. The settlement is divided into four parts: Delancey Town, Free Town, Sweeting's Town, and Thompson's Town.

There is no harbour here, but almost everyone is able to paddle out to their boats to go fishing. For sports fishing and great snorkeling, you can visit Schooner Cay and the sandbars, or dive, fish, and conch with a tour company located in town.

The "Gully Hole," an inland blue hole, can also be found here and the water rises and recedes with the tide. Deep Creek also has one of the best beaches in Eleuthera called "Plum Creek," but only a few persons know it exists.


Deep Creek was originally called "Free Town" and is the largest settlement in South Eleuthera. Landmarks show that this area was once occupied by freed slaves that were allowed to work the land.

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