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Elbow Reef Lighthouse

Hope Town Hideaways

The British Imperial Lighthouse Service built this candy-striped lighthouse to mark the Elbow Reef during the 1860's. Hope Townees at the time resented this and opposed the project, as they saw it as a threat to their wrecking trade. They went as far as to sink a barge being used to transport building materials. Despite their sabotage efforts, the lighthouse at Hope Town went into operation in 1863.

Standing at 89 feet, with 101 steps, it is one of only two remaining beacons saved from automation (which is vigorously opposed by residents). Extraordinary efforts are undertaken by the locals to secure the parts for the kerosene-burning apparatus of the light, most of which are no longer manufactured. An image of this lighthouse is featured on the Bahamian $10 bill.

The Lighthouse Keeper and his family lives on the premises and the lighthouse is frequently visited by tourists in small and large numbers, as well as by local school and church groups. Admission is free.

Accessibility Notes

This site might not be suitable for persons with mobility impairments. You can only access the lighthouse by ferry or private boat. The walking path up to the lighthouse has multiple steps, plus you will have to climb up 101 steps to get to the top to enjoy the breathtaking view.

Pet Friendly Notes

The site is most pet friendly, once the pet is controlled or properly supervised. There is also a sizable amount of yard space on the lighthouse grounds.


Seasons Open

Year Round / 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. / 7 Days a Week

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