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Eleuthera is an island for adventurers; not just because English Puritans, otherwise known as the Eleutheran Adventurers, settled here in the 1600s seeking refuge from religious persecution. The island provides opportunity to crawl amongst the stalagmites and stalactites of inland caves, swim in seemingly bottomless blue holes, rock climb along limestone ridges, or free jump from cliffs into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. Although its natural habitats are suited for daredevils, they just as well provide romantic vistas for easy-going sunset walks and scenic tours for structured itineraries.

The Glass Window Bridge - Gregory Town, Central Eleuthera – Bahamas Ministry of Tourism

Quick Facts

Area: 187 sq. miles
Population: 8,000 persons
Highest Point: 168 feet
Location: 50 miles east of New Providence and approximately 200 miles east of Florida
Origin of the Name: The name Eleuthera can be traced to William Sayle. He used a modification of the Greek word for “Freedom,” as it was religious freedom that he and his group were in search of when they left Bermuda.

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