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Graham's Harbour

Cultural District

Heading east along the road at the northern tip of the Island, Graham's Harbour becomes visible on the left when the road runs alongside the beach. It is also known as the Regatta Site, and it is where all of the island's Cultural and Homecoming events take place, including fairs and regattas. You can get the Fish Fry experience here ̶ sometimes on a monthly basis and on national holidays.

On the hill above the harbour is a little building that was once used as a camera site to keep track of missiles as they passed over San Salvador.

Acessibility Notes

This site is easily accessible by persons with mobility impairments or those who are in wheelchairs.

History of Area

During his two-day stay on the Island, Columbus reportedly visited this harbour. He was very impressed by the large body of water and reportedly wrote in his journal that it was "large enough to hold all the ships of Christendom." He also made an observation that this point of the island could be separated from the mainland and then easily defended. Nature, over the years, did what Columbus suggested. Wind and erosion have divided Cut Rock Cay from the North Point. Twice a day the tide races through the narrow opening.

Sometime between 1916-18, Sir Harry Oakes bought a building overlooking Graham's Harbour that was owned by the Catholic mission.

Nearby Places