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Grand Bahama Island (east and west ends)


Grand Bahama’s town of West End is seasoned with the saltiness of the open air and the zest of lime. Outdoor entertainment is always combined with food that is battered and fried or lemon spiced and grilled, and music that is full of percussion. Over 50 miles east of the commercial centre of Freeport, East End is a land of untouched beaches and unexplored pine barrens. Covering two-thirds of Grand Bahama Island, the most northern Bahamian island, East End is largely unpopulated. Between the two poles, there are three national parks to explore, bountiful fishing grounds, and vast underwater cave systems.

Barn Owl's Hole - West Grand Bahama Island – Calabash Eco Adventures

Quick Facts

Area: 530 sq. miles
Population: 51,368 persons
Highest Point: 68 feet
Location: approximately 125 miles northwest of New Providence and less than 100 miles east of Florida
Origin of the Name: It is believed that when Christopher Columbus visited the island in 1492 he called it "Gran Bajamar," meaning "Great Shallows," from which the name Grand Bahama was derived.

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