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Grouper Gully

Dive Spot

Grouper Gully, near Fernandez Bay, is a popular wall dive site with a couple of very tame groupers hovering near the bottom. This is also a great reef to see tame fish, small creatures, and big coral formations, plus sharks, barracudas, stingrays and turtles. On the lip of the wall, you'll find swimming crinoids, nudibranchs, neck crabs, and wire coral shrimps.

Best Access to Dive Spot

Swim along the edge of the wall for 250 feet in both directions and check out the action where the reef meets the sand; go into some of the caves and gullies if you have the time at depth.

Best Times to Dive

Any time during the day and even at night.

Dive Depth

Depth under boat 35 to 40 feet in the sand.

Dive Features

This site always has a big school of blue chromis hovering above. There are several gullies to swim through along the wall ̶ two right in the middle of the dive site ̶ and the wall makes a big curve with a deep plateau that the gully leads to.

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