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James Pinder

Local Artist, Musician, or Craftsperson

Mr. Pinder is a local Bahamian artist, with a passion to create thought-provoking art, and an art teacher at the Louise McDonald School. He specializes in canvas paintings, shell craft, and ceramic mugs, using all natural materials to manifest his creations. He is trained in the fine arts; however, his art has been described as both intuitive and visionary. His works appear in collections in Europe, the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Jamaica, and The Bahamas.

He utilizes the natural resources of the Island such as drift wood, native wood, and sea shells of various shapes and sizes. These are used in the creation of sculptured tables and water fountains. The table top designs are created in a similar fashion as the sculptured paintings.

"Helmet of Salvation" by Mr.James Pinder – Bimini All Age School

For the past decade, most of James Pinder's paintings have been spiritual and inspirational, ranging in themes from the Hebrew names of God to sculptured paintings about the "Armor of God." Many of his themes are derived from dreams and Bible text.

His paintings are acrylic on canvas, and sometimes on wood, with colorful and complex imagery that causes the viewer to look closely and explore the movement and symbols embedded within. Some of his paintings contain hidden messages that only emerge upon close examination. The faces in these images are usually stylized, and overlap each other, forming images within images, adding an element of mystery to his work.

Pinder's recent technique integrates both sculpture and painting. Various symbols are cut from treated plywood and overlaid with small pieces of wafer-thin native wood ("horse flesh" and mahogany). Designs are created through the juxtaposition of the light and dark slivers. The wooden wafers are placed like miniature tiles and grouted with a mixture of saw dust and wood glue. Space is allotted on the wood base to insert paintings created on tile, canvas or wood. After the piece is thoroughly dried, the wooden mosaic is sanded and a clear epoxy finish is applied.

Unique water fountains are created with glass bottles that have been melted using a technique known as 'slumping'. The melted bottles are used as a part of the sculptured fountain design, along with driftwood and assorted sea shells.

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