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Lagoon Tours Bahamas Ltd.

Nature-Based Experience
J. M. Johnson

We are dedicated to educating all visitors to the island of San Salvador about our wonderful Eco-system and our island in general. We aim to do this by letting you, our most valued visitors, experience this beauty firsthand – by boat, car, or foot.

So that you’re learning experience is not only fun, but enjoyable and memorable as well, we keep all our tours small, personal, and very private, allowing for the best experience possible. We share San Salvador with the world ,one guest at a time.

Your Eco-adventure awaits!

Accessibility Notes

Persons with mobility impairments would need to have a caregiver to lift them and provide any other assistance that they would need during the tour.

Eco-Friendly Notes

Lagoon Tours Bahamas Ltd. is a strong advocate in the fight to protect and save our wetlands.

Locally or Family-Owned Business Notes

Lagoon Tours Bahamas Ltd. is a family-owned business, operated by husband and wife J and BJ Johnson, in addition to their son CJ. For the past 12 years, we have been sharing the ecology of San Salvador with visitors to the island, offering Birdwatching, Island Tours, and Nature Walks on land, and the world-famous Lagoon Tour on water.

Our tours are designed to service small personal groups, and we have built a reputation of not just guiding our visitors, but ensuring that when each one leaves they have become a friend. The versatility of our family allows us to operate tours in English, French, and Italian, sharing everything about our beautiful island home, and ensuring that our guests not only see but understand just why Lagoon Tours Bahamas Ltd. is so passionate about San Salvador, The Bahamas, our island paradise.

Pet Friendly Notes

No pets are allowed on tours.

Types of Experiences and Trips Provided


If you’re a lover of birds, then this tour is a must do for you!

Enjoy a leisurely hike through the old plantation grounds of Watling's Castle, one of the truly historic sites on the southern end of San Salvador.

While hiking through the plantation, this birdwatching tour will allow you to see some of the aerial beauties of San Salvador – thrush, warblers, ospreys, herons, and hummingbirds to name a few – and some more rare birds too.

Avid birdwatchers, bring your cameras and binoculars, novices will be supplied with binoculars. Jeans and sneakers are recommended for your comfort.

The tour includes transportation to and from the hotel.

An experienced guide will take you on this tour to insure that you see as many of the birds that our island has to offer.

Island Tour

The History of San Salvador waits to be discovered, as you retrace the steps of Christopher Columbus and other historic legends that have found themselves on the shores of our island.

This informative trip around the island (and we mean literally around the island) will afford you the opportunity to see some of the most historical sites in The Bahamas, as well as the Western World. Sites such as Landfall Park, Dixon Hill, and Watling's Castle are just a few of the stops explored and explained in detail by experienced local guides.

Lagoon Tour

If you have ever you dreamed of a walk on that perfect beach, or a swim in crystal clear waters, then the lagoon tour is a must!

This tour is our pride and joy and by far the best Eco-experience you may ever have. It starts out with you taking a peaceful leisurely boat ride through a beautiful lagoon, located on the southern end of the island.

The scenery will astound you, as your tour guide points out centuries-old historic sites and many of our natural beauties as well. From starfish and other marine life, as well as birds and fauna.

After you pass through the lagoon, you are taken to two small cays, with sand as white and soft as powder. You will have the opportunity to collect truly exotic shells on the beaches here, or wade in waters that change from turquoise blue to crystal clear. Make friends with the local iguanas on Low Cay, or just sunbathe on your bit of paradise on High Cay.

The tour includes transportation to and from the hotel, a guide, boat ride, and cold refreshments. Shorts, a hat, and waterproof footwear are recommended for your comfort.

Nature Walk

If you love the outdoors and exploring new and exciting things, then this tour is for you!

On this truly exciting tour, you will experience the natural beauty of northern San Salvador. We take you on a hike at Dixon Hill Lighthouse, one of the most historic sites in The Bahamas. From here, you can see most of the island in its entire natural splendor, including its great lakes.

As your friendly trail guide takes you down to a labyrinth of exotic caves that are truly breathtaking and unique, you will also learn about our wide variety of flora and fauna, along with the different medicinal uses for our plants.


Seasons Open and Departure

Year Round (closed on Saturday or Sunday)


  • Bird Watching - $95 per person
  • Island Tour - $55 per person
  • Lagoon Tour - $80 per person / $35 children nine and under
  • Nature Walk - $45 per person

NOTE: All tours are a minimum of two persons and are normally four to six persons maximum. They include a guide, transportation to and from your hotel, and cool drinks. Tours can be done in English, French, and Italian for a better learning experience.

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