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Long Island


Long Island is not the longest island in the Bahamas, despite what its name suggests, but it does have the deepest underwater sinkhole in the world. Dean’s Blue Hole sits inside a shallow cove on the southeast coast of the island. Recreational swimmers marvel at its boundlessness from surface level, while free divers test the limits of the human body below its depths. As the island is no more than 6.5 kilometres (4 miles) wide at any point, life centers around one main road, running 129 kilometres (80 miles) from Cape Santa Maria to South Point. Atlantic Ocean waves crash on the cliffs and caves along the east coast, while the Great Bahama Bank on the west cradles a sandy shoreline.

Dean's Blue Hole - Dean's, Long Island – Bahamas Ministry of Tourism

Quick Facts

Area: 173 sq. miles
Population: 3,094 persons
Highest Point: 178 feet
Location: approximately 155 miles southeast of New Providence
Origin of the Name: Initially called by the Arawak name "Yuma," Long Island was rechristened "Fernandina" by Christopher Columbus on his first voyage to the New World in 1492. The island reportedly earned its current name because a seafarer felt that it took too long to pass the island when he was sailing by.

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