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Lucayan National Park

Natural Area, Beach, Caves, Cayes, and Islands, Conservation Area, National Park or Protected Area, Wetland, Swamp, or Mangrove

Established in 1977, this 40-acre National Park incorporates one of the largest/longest charted underwater limestone cave systems in the world, with just under seven miles already mapped. It includes all six of the ecosystems or vegetative zones found in The Bahamas, including pine forest, rocky coppice, wetlands, sandy coppice, and beach strand.

Within the caves, bones and other remains of the Lucayan people, the island's earliest inhabitants, were found in 1986. They used the geological features as sources of fresh water, shelter, and as a burial site.

Also, the first Remipedia were found here by Jill Yager. Ocean fish swim back and fourth between the brackish water of Gold Rock Creek and the fresh water of the shallower areas of the caves and they have adapted to both environments.

Bats live in the cave entrances during the summer months, when it becomes a shelter and nursery home to migrated bats. The park is also a habitat for three restricted range birds: the Thick-billed Vireo, Bahama Swallow, and Olive-capped Warlber.

The park is located approximately 11 miles east of the Casuarina Bridge in Lucaya.

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Accessibility Notes

Parts of the site are wheelchair friendly, but persons who are mobility impaired should be careful when moving around on the sandy terrain.

Pet Friendly Notes

Leashed pets are welcome, but should be controlled.

Recreational Opportunities

A picturesque wooden bridge spans a mangrove swamp, leading to a beautiful white beach with picnic tables and benches. Nature trails and boardwalks lead to the various ecosystems.

Kayaking through Gold Rock Creek can be arranged, along with bird watching, snorkeling, cave diving and exploration. It is a place for both recreation and relaxation.


Seasons Accessible

Year Round


Adults $5.00 / Children under 12 Free
BNT Members: FREE


The park has restroom facilities available
The park has a visitors center
The park has beach access
The park has broadwalks and access trails

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