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New Mt. Pisgah Trinity Baptist Church

Religious Structure
New Mt. Pisgah Trinity Baptist Church – Ministry of Tourism Andros

Mount Pisgah Baptist Church was founded sometime during the late 19th century, which was quite some before its current pastor, Rev. Basil Strachan, was born, making it the oldest church in Conch Sound and one of the oldest in North Andros. The church was first pastored by Rev. Wilschire Johnson and was later turned over to his son, Rev. Laban Johnson. During this time, the church was under the Salem Union Baptist Church Diocese in Nassau.

Then came Basil Strachan, who was saved at the age of 16. After 54 years as pastor, Rev. Johnson turned the church over to Basil (then 20 years old) in 1934, however, Rev. Strachan wasn’t officially ordained until a later time due to the church’s then current condition. The church, like many in the olden days, was a wooden structure and therefore imposed many problems as it aged. He described some of them as follows: being able to look up and see the stars because of the huge hole in the roof, having to watch your step from falling through the rotting floors, and being able to reach through the windows and feel for sapodillas on the trees that grew so close to the church because of how small the church’s yard was. In actuality, there was a certain area in the building they would clear off to have their services because the rest of the church had plants and trees growing up and taking over the inside. He told the story of how, in one particular service as he was preaching a sermon, the congregation started looking up and pointing as a huge snake was slowly lowering itself down through the hole in the roof.

As Basil was then left with having to pastor and rebuild a church without any starting funds or outside help, he and his congregation willingly came together and got to work, raising funds and rebuilding the church by hand. More so, during this time, not only was the structure of the actual church building rebuilt, but also the standards and structure of the people of the church – working hand in hand to continuously seek God’s wisdom, improve in God, serve Him and know that He will always provide their every need.

In 1973, Rev. Basil Strachan was officially ordained with the traditional installation ceremony as pastor of the church. The church then later broke away from under the diocese sometime during the 1980’s and in 1993 he renamed the church “New Mount Pisgah Trinity Baptist Church.” Within the name lay great meaning to Rev. Basil Strachan, specifically the word “trinity.” He explained how the word is like a lesson, meaning the Father – the one who set things in order; the Son – who was sent to redeem man in the knowledge of God; and the Holy Spirit – what we should be filled with daily.

Rev. Strachan has now been pastor of the church for 60 years and as for his concerns for the future of the church, in his words, “It always has and always will be all in God’s hands,” just as the journey of upholding his heritage.

Accessibility Notes

There is no wheelchair ramp. Persons with mobility impairments will need help getting into the building.


  • Sundays 11:00 a.m - 1:00 p.m
  • Wednesdays 7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

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