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Patrice "Mary" Williams

Local Artist, Musician, or Craftsperson

Patrice Williams was born and raised in San Salvador, and has lived here all her life. She makes her living weaving and sewing straw, and specializes in handmade Bahamian straw craft, T-shirts, and other Bahamian souvenirs.


Patrice was taught the art of weaving and sewing straw by her Grandmother, and also how to harvest palm and sisal plants to create and personalize her own unique style of weaving baskets, handbags, dolls, and table place mats, just to name a few.

She has made a name for herself, and tourists from around the world love her quirky sense of humor. Everyone knows her as "Mary," which comes from the fact that if you are a woman, she calls you "Mary;" the men she calls "Frank," which is what makes her likeable to everyone she meets. You can only smile when she does that. This is her welcoming phrase, "How are you Mary? Looking for anything special today? Frank, look like you could use a T-shirt"! This begins a conversation (people are not offended at all).

Don't leave San Salvador till you meet Patrice "Mary" Williams.

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