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Quack Tour Company

Multi-Location Packaged Experience
Mr. Deangello Knowles, Crooked Island

Once you tour with Quack, you'll definitely have something to take back. We offer a fun and informative tour service on land and sea that could easily be customized to your specific needs. You'll get to visit historical sites on Crooked Island and Long Cay, including old plantations built in the early 1600s-1700s, where you'll learn how the slaves lived and what they grew there; plus you'll have the option to picnic at the Bird Rock Lighthouse, and explore the numerous caves that hide amongst the cliffs and hills.

Our tours include:

Cave Tour
Our tour visits the bat caves at Gun Bluff and McKai, which are more easily accessible from the sea. Many of them have majestic limestone formations that take on unusual forms and shapes.

Historical Tour
The historical sites here are a lost treasure and hold so much information about the way of life in The Bahamas during the slave era. The last living ancestors of the Moss plantation owners (Charles and Kate Moss) were buried on their property and there are also some old cannons and ancient cookware at some of the sites.

The road tour lets you explore the old cotton plantation at Richmond in Southeast Landrail, a town that used to be a major port for The Bahamas; two pillars still stand and the ruins include a monument dated 1795. By boat we visit Marine Farm, a British military compound in the 18th century that still has remnants of their occupation: several cannons that have the king's seal, drawings, and other artifacts.

Lighthouse Tour
You'll visit Bird Rock Lighthouse and get a history of the site as you explore; you will see local seabirds (frigates) in their natural habitat.

Other Tours

  • Our Eco-tour explores Long Cay, home to wild goats in the brush and ruins, plus flamingos feeding on the south shore.

  • Snorkeling (half or full day) on the reefs off Crooked Island and Long Cay; see lobsters in their man-made condos/shoals that provide shelter for them in the ocean.

  • Fishing (half or full day) on the reefs for snapper, or bonefishing in the flats; you'll have to bring your own rods.

Accessibility Notes

Our trips are not suitable for persons who are physically challenged or in wheelchairs. Hiking on rough terrain is involved, therefore, one must be in good physical condition

Eco-Friendly Notes

Visits to several exotic ponds are part of the experience. They are home to a number of native bird species and local flora, about which your guide will provide information.

Locally or Family-Owned Business Notes

Quack Tour Company was founded on April 7, 1990, by local Crooked Islander Deangello "Kirk" Knowles. His love for the natural beauty of his hometown and joy in sharing its history is quite evident when you're in his presence.

Pet Friendly Notes

It is not recommended that you bring pets on our tours.

Sample Itinerary of Experience

Lighthouse Tour

  • You will travel by boat approximately 2½ miles to Bird Rock Cay, home of the Bird Rock Lighthouse.
  • Your guide will give a brief history of the site as you explore, and you can see local seabirds (frigates) in their natural habitat.
  • Lunch and water are included, and you have the option to enjoy a relaxing beach picnic on the cay's sandy cove before returning to the mainland.


Seasons Open and Departure

Year Round


Tour prices start from $150, but can vary, depending on the length, location, and travel distance involved.

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