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Red Bays Village

Cultural District
Bahamas Ministry of Tourism

The village of Red Bays thrives with Bahamian culture. It is the only settlement on the west coast of Andros island and is approximately 14 miles from the San Andros Airport. It is known for its sustainable subsistence lifestyle. Every day, the locals harvest the ocean for fish and sponges and the land for straw, wild boars and land crabs. It is the venue for the annual Red Bays Snapper Tournament.

Residents are renowned for their woodcarvings and beautiful, sturdy baskets woven from palm thatch fronds, which can be used for many purposes. The art of creating these unique baskets has been passed down through the generations. They are not made anywhere else in the country and are a part of the rich cultural legacy of the Black Seminoles of Red Bays.

Acessibility Notes

The village can only be accessed by vehicular transportation. Persons with mobility impairments should have no difficulty moving around within the town.

History of Area

The village of Red Bays was founded in the early 1800s by a mixed group of Seminoles, a Native American tribe that migrated from Florida during the violent Seminole wars, and persons of African descent who escaped enslavement. Reportedly, the Seminole people were inspired by their legendary tales of an island sanctuary to the South. Chief Billy Bowleg sought it out, rowing across the Gulf Stream in seven dugout canoes with his people. They founded Red Bays on the west side of Andros. Today, there are still black Seminole Indians residing here, the only such group in The Islands of The Bahamas.

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