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San Salvador Garden Cave

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Gerace research center

Garden Cave, located near the hilltop south of Reckley Hill Pond & north of the eastern end of Crescent Pond, northeastern San Salvador Island, eastern Bahamas.

Garden Cave is hosted in a lithified sand dune ridge composed of aragonitic calcarenite lime stones of the Owl's Hole Formation (Middle Pleistocene). This cave is a partially collapsed flank margin cave. Flank margin caves form at the flanks of carbonate islands and at the margins of fresh-groundwater lenses. As such, flank margin caves are phreatic features. In the vicinity of the seawater-freshwater mixing zone (halocline) of a groundwater lens, relatively rapid dissolution of limestone occurs due to the high aggressivity of the water. Limestone dissolution at Garden Cave occurred during the Middle Pleistocene and/or Late Pleistocene

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This site is not easily accessible to those with mobility impairments or persons in wheelchairs.

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