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South Abaco Cave Systems

Beach, Caves, Cayes, and Islands
Fangorn and David Funda – Mr. Brian Kakuk, Bahamas Underground

There are very few places left on planet Earth where a person can go right now and say, “I am the first person ever to set eyes on this place.” The opportunity to “be the first” is one that happens on a routine basis here in The Bahamas. The ancient labyrinths that lie below our own feet on these islands are unlike any others found on earth. Imagine swimming through air clear water while being completely surrounded by a place so fragile, and so beautiful, that it can only be described as “swimming inside a crystal chandelier.”

The blue holes of The Bahamas have long been regarded as dark, mysterious places that only the lunatic fringe would dare to enter. This stigma has changed drastically over the last 20 years, as technology and improved training techniques have allowed a relatively large portion of the sport diving community to safely enter these amazingly beautiful and scientifically significant sites.

There are four cave systems beneath the pine forests of South Abaco: Dan’s Cave, Ralph’s Cave, Nancy’s Cave, and Sawmill Sink. Combined, these four systems extend over nine miles underground within less than a six square mile area of land. This area has been proposed as a National Park by four environmental and governmental agencies in the Bahamas including: The Bahamas Caves Research Foundation, The Bahamas National Trust, The Antiquities Monuments and Museums Corporation, and the Friends of the Environment. Underwater caves of this beauty and scientific significance cannot be found anywhere else on earth. These places are not only a national treasure, but a world treasure.

Dan's and Ralph's Caves (also known as blue holes) are the world's most highly decorated underwater caves on earth. They have been the subject of National Geographic Magazine covers and articles, Nova documentaries, as well as documentaries from four other countries. Qualified cave divers from all over the world have been coming to Abaco to see these amazing crystal caves.

Accessibility Notes

These activities are not suitable for persons with mobility impairments.

Recreational Opportunities

Due to the extremely fragile nature of the formations and the technically challenging diving requirements, access to these sites is for qualified cavern and cave divers only, with a qualified local guide.

Dive Depth: 180 feet

Best Times to Dive: Visibility is 300 feet year round and the weather does not affect entry to the site or diving conditions.


Seasons Accessible

Year Round


Access to the caves is with an experienced guide only. Contact The Bahamas Underground to arrange a dive.

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