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Stargate Blue Hole

Blue Holes, Banks, and Reefs
Photo of Star Gate Blue Hole – Bahamas Ministry of Tourism

This blue hole is located about 500 miles inland from the east coast of South Andros on the west side of The Bluff. It is part of a major north-south slump fracture zone, paralleling the underwater escarpment that separates the Great Bahama Bank from the Tongue of the Ocean, a deep oceanic trench. This slump fracture extends for tens of kilometers and was formed as a result of glacio-eustatic sea level changes and gravitational stresses along the edge of the limestone banks (Palmer, 1986a & b).

Accessibility Notes

This site is not easily accessible to persons with mobility impairments and those in wheelchairs.

Recreational Opportunities

  • Swimming
  • Diving (Contact Small Hope Bay or Andros Beach Club)
  • Picnicking


Seasons Accessible

Year Round



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