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The Exumas


Although there are many beaches around the world, Bahamians have a strong prejudice that is best understood on Exuma, where water visibility is impeccably clear and sand texture is powder grade. The islands of the Bahamas were not formed by volcanic rock like Caribbean and Pacific islands; the interplay between wave action over limestone and coral reef has produced a geological marvel for travellers who love the open air and salty sea spray. Between Exuma’s mainland and its 365 cays, water is ever-present in shades ranging from sapphire to turquoise. Combined with shifting sandbars and shallow coral reefs, Exuma’s geological character is a work of art.

The Salt Beacon on Stocking Island, overlooking Elizabeth Harbour – Bahamas Ministry of Tourism

Quick Facts

Area: 112 sq. miles
Population: 6,928 persons
Highest Point: 130 feet
Location: approximately 35 miles southeast of New Providence and 220 miles southeast of Florida
Original Names: The Exumas were once called "Yumey" and "Suma" (of Amer-Indian origin), which over time have gone through many changes.

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