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Treasure Cay

Village or Town
Treasure Cay Beach Resort – Bahamas Ministry of Tourism

This sprawling resort town, located about 24 miles northwest of Marsh Harbour, has all the amenities of a capital city, possessing its own marina, golf-course, airstrip, and real estate development wrapped around a beach with the whitest, softest sand you’ve ever seen. The Treasure Cay Hotel and Villas, Banyan Beach Resort, and Bahama Beach Club Resort represent the major tourist enterprise in the community. The movie "The Day of the Dolphin" was filmed at Abaco Heights near Treasure Cay.

The original hotel burnt to the ground shortly before opening, but a new hotel was constructed on the same site. A golf course and villas were added in the early 1960's. The original airport was expanded to accommodate the expansion of Sand Banks Cay and the name Treasure Cay was originated as a marketing tool. Leonard Thompson went on to start the Abaco Beach Resort Development at Boat Harbour, Marsh Harbour, now the island’s flagship property in central Abaco.

Farming is also thriving in Treasure Cay. Bahama Star a 1,000-acre farm owned by a multi-national Company is located near Treasure Cay International Airport; citrus and avocados are shipped to the U.S.A.

A large blue hole sits in the pine forest west of Treasure Cay and has garnered some interest as a geological phenomenon.


Treasure Cay was founded in the 1960’s and contributed favourably to the economic development of Abaco. Leonard Thompson undertook initial development at Treasure Cay in 1950. He acquired several acres of land under a conditional purchase lease agreement and began development at an area then known as Sand Banks Cay. He was joined in his development by R. E. Dumas Milner, a real estate developer from Jackson, Mississippi. Channels were dug and roads and a hotel building constructed.

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