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United Estates

Village or Town
One of the oldest churches on the Island St. John Native Baptist church is located in United Estates on Joshua Storr Hill. – JMJ

The largest settlement on the island, United Estates is located in southeast San Salvador. When slavery was abolished and the Loyalists left, they gave properties to their faithful slaves, and asked them to unite as one. That's where the name United Estates came from – the uniting of the slaves. The settlement consists of Reckley Hill, Big Margin, Brandy Hill, Scott Hill, and Polly Hill.

You can find groves of almond trees in Reckley Hill, and the locals can't wait for the season to eat fresh almond fruit. Afterwards, they let the seeds dry, chop them open, and then eat the nut inside.

Descendants of United Estates are the Storrs, Reckleys, and Butlers.

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