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Verva Veronica Wallace

Local Artist, Musician, or Craftsperson

Ms. Verva Wallace is a Straw Vendor and Artisan, who spends her days creating straw crafts and baskets on a small scale.

Mrs. Verva Wallace at home with some of her straw bags. – Administrator's Office-Ragged Island

Ms. Wallace has lived in Ragged Island all of her life and is currently 84 years of age. Ms. Wallace has 70 years of experience in the field producing straw hats, straw baskets, straw handbags, straw mats and many more authentically Bahamian crafts.

Mrs. Verva Wallace is a widow who has dedicated her life to serving the Lord and Community. She is an Honoree Member and former Group Leader of the Ragged Island Red Cross Group. She has made significant contributions to her Island over the years at the Ebenezer Baptist Church serving in the capacity of Church treasurer. Her contributions also extended to the children of Ragged Island throughout the years, serving in the capacity of home pre-school teacher, babysitter, adopted mother and guardian.

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